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In this project i want to think about recycling materials. To my opinion all the art pieces should be environmental healthy. I had i huge range of materials which i can use in this project. My ideas was very mixed in my head. I went to the sea side on the weekends and i walk along the sea side and found some shells and oysters and decided i have to use beauty of the nature + recycling material to my future small change project. I planed to make different pieces. I think the natural beauty of the shell is amazing. One of my first ideas was to make the ears with two shells and the lace in the front of the ayes.

Maison Michel 2

I try to play with color of the shell and pain it with the gold color, i had an idea to make it inside like with caviar. 

In my final idea i try not to add materials that will make it too fancy. I think that this shell have a rally beautiful drawing inside made b the nature and together with gold and together with small movement in the end made by small pearls and he long rope with knot in silver color.


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