Tate Modern: Exhibition


Today I visit one of the most exiting and expected exhibitions.

Kazimir Malevich has had an enormous influence over modern art and remains a source of inspiration for many artists working today. Malevich applied this thinking to painting. By making pictures that contained absolutely no reference to the physical world, with no hint of a tree, a shoe or a house etc, the viewer would be free to react to the work in a purely emotional way.

I have to mention that Kazimir Malevich was born in the same country, Ukraine!

He became well-known and respected artist in whole world.

My expectations of the exhibition are justified. To my opinion exhibition was big enough to understand his works and to feel the atmosphere of his life and working experience. One of the most famous paintings is «Black Square» which marked the turning point of the Russian avant-gard movement. Not everyone knows that to create this painting he spend more than 6 month in his studio drawing different objects. To my opinion Malevich was a biginning of the new culture which called superematism. May be some people will find his art works strange with apparently random objects like a fish, a sword and a candle. But as I said before artist brings everything to his work and his painting is also the life or even the short story. The main thing all the people understand his art in the different way, know one said that it’s right or wrong. Just the artist knows about what he was thinking while working on the painting and what he really want people to understand. His final works before he dead in 1935 I found difficult to understand. A telling detail can be found in many of his works- a tiny image of Black Square either alongside or instead of the signature. Malevich clearly felt that the Black Square was his greatest achievement.


I am in love with his abstract painting and geometrical shapes. After visit of this exhibition I start to experiment with geometrical shapes. I found this very interesting because almost all the subjects have their own shape not necessary geometrical. The way how he observe the day life and nature and come up with minimum of geometrical shapes is amazing.  The way he add colors to his work is really delicate and very clever. He uses many styles in his works like realism, impressionism, symbolism, constructivism, post-impressionism etc. His techniques include using chalk, gouache, oil, pencil, tempera, ink, and watercolor. By exploring his exhibition in Tate modern I found many genres of his works. By my own research I found that he works with so many genre like religious painting, portrait, self-portrait, landscape, still life and even design like his work Supermatic Dress (1923), Costume Design for opera. By all his painting he was showing to the world the everyday life. Just the way of communication with people is his art works. The most interesting genre that I open for my self in this exhibition was his abstract painting. This art works we can use in different way. For example in Fashion and Textile, furniture prints, different kind of illustration and other areas of art!




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