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In this project i had Agent Provocateur as a brand for collaborate and the place where i have to present my work was the Wellcome Collection. Agent Provocateur is a British lingerie retailer founded in 1994 by Joseph Corré and Serena Rees. In our days AP lingurie is very popular around the word. Pink and black, laces, sexy and elegant night robes all this all woman can find in this brand 

Jean Paul Gaultier

The other recent collaboration was with Linda Farrow. One of the most leading sellers in Uk eye wear. The name of Linda Farrow is known not just in Uk. The sexy eye wear together with the brand name Agent Provocateur come up with the nice design.

The Wellcome Collection is the museum of sexology and medicine. The main collection of sexology is very interest ion and woman in the past made the special small books to wright down all about the man that she want to remember. To make the anological way i decided to make something which will looks like historical note. The main piece in the pin cushion and the gold pins with the letter on top which represents the name of the man. And like addition i decided to mage the small note book with woman trips around the world and the number of man that she had.

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The brand Agent Provocateur made a lot of collaborations with different designers. One of the most famous Jean Paul Gaultier plays important role in making a brand very successful. Different varieties of corsets and fashion accessories from this designer.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Even the shoe wear made the collaboration with AP. Charlott Olympia one of the best sellers in UK leading companies. 2 pairs of the sexy footwear that you can wear in the night time with your small black dress of anytime that you like. So we can see that the verieties of different collaboration is huge. From footwear to underwear. 

Charlotte Olympia

wellcome collection


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